An article on the PALD Plan will be published in Impact, a scientific information magazine published by Science Impact in the UK (scheduled for July 2023 onwards).


 An article on the "Prediction Application for Liver Disease Plan (PALD Plan)" will be published in Impact, a scientific journal published by Science Impact (UK), on the "Social implementation trial of ALD/NAFLD predictive model to improve health literacy and promote behavior change (2022-2026)". "PALD Plan" is a study to develop an algorithm to predict the risk of future onset of ALD/NAFLD by analysing big data collected by the YHPP. It is also a study to develop a smartphone application that can incorporate the algorithm so that residents can use it on a daily basis, and finally, to conduct a trial social implementation of the smartphone application. 

ALD: Abbreviation for Alcoholic Liver Disease.

NAFLD: Abbreviation for Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease.